LL Junior organized a million birthday party for his little girl


Like in a Disney fairy tale: in the garden decorations everywhere, huge bouncy castlenext to it is a bouncy castle in which air circulates the balloons, mouth-watering cakes on the snow-white serving trolley, everything is all pink and white… The 3-year-old Lesi Lili he could feel that he fell into one of his favorite fairy tales, even though he only came to his father’s for the weekend to celebrate his birthday together.


About LL Junior it is known that he can love very much. For his family members, he will go into the fire if necessary, and if it is a celebration, he will also bring down the stars from the sky, just to see them happy. That’s why it is not surprising that the musician was feverishly preparing for his daughter Lili Lesi’s third birthday party, which he organized in the garden of his own house in Törökbálint. On top of that, we don’t envy the neighbors, because it was a huge party, from the children’s point of view created a paradise environment and atmosphere. A huge bouncy castle was erected on the perfect lawn of the luxury house, and next to it was a smaller, bubble-shaped climbing frame, in which air was blown to make the balloons dance. The beautifully laid table is quite low, adjusted to the size of the little ones, the table cloth is spotless, if the British royal couple had visited, even they would not have found fault with it… On the side of the garden, products from one of Törökbálint’s hottest confectioneries were available, music was playing loudly, men were grilling by the grill, and women were brushing the children’s hair.

LL Junior exposed himself, transformed his garden into a magical one (Photo: LL Junior / Instagram)

Deep in the pocket

Of course, such a party requires a lot of organization, and what is also important: quite a lot of money. The products presented by the singer are all available on the Internet, after a short search you can find out how much they cost… According to our primary calculations, renting the castle and the bubble can be several hundred thousand forints from balloons, including decorations, and the cookies from the elegant confectionary are also “deep in the pocket”.the dishes, their ingredients… overall, it can be counted as Junior he could spend one million forints on this for the perfect day. In this case, however, there can be no question that every HUF went to the right place, looking at the little Lili’s happy smile.

Lili managed to make her father happy (Photo: LL Junior / Instagram)

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