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We’ve written about a number of celebrities who have spent part of their lives homeless, including Halle Berry, who got to the top with hard work and perseverance. However, there are those with whom the opposite happens: suddenly, a comfortable and luxurious life is lost and one has to thrive on the street.

Loni Willison also this sad and unexpected turn took place, even though the life of the woman working as a model had long been a fairy tale.

The tragic life of Loni Willison

Born in 1983, Willison worked as a fitness and bikini model, even taking cover photos. He changed his life radically when he met Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson. They married in 2012, but divorced two years later.

Loni Willison and her husband, Jeremy Jackson.

Photo: Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images Hungary

While they may have seemed like the perfect pair for outside observers, the reality was far from intimate. Jeremy was already a drug addict as a teenager and had problems with alcohol, did not defeat his demons during their marriage, and was often violent with Loni, The Sun wrote.

Police withdrew to their home in August 2014 after a rough argument, the woman later claimed that the man was strangled and beaten, resulting in two ribs being broken, injuring her neck and other parts of her body, but she decided , she is not prosecuting her husband. She was simply terrified of her and did not want the man to go to jail.

After the domestic violence, they divorced, after which the model gradually began to slide down the slope. He was completely shattered spiritually.

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“It took me two months to fully recover.” I quit my job, was an assistant to a plastic surgeon, I couldn’t train or take on model work. I didn’t meet my friends, I didn’t do anything, I was at a low point, the British newspaper quoted him as saying.

Unable to work, his debts were accumulating, he lost his apartment in 2016 and couldn’t keep his car, he got on the street.

This photo was taken of Loni in May this year.

Photo: Profimedia

As a homeless person, he became addicted to crystal metal, which is classified as one of the hardest drugs. His mental health has completely deteriorated, not least his appearance has changed drastically. Due to his regular use of methamphetamine, his teeth fell out and he himself got rid of his long hair. He deliberately does not bathe, he tries to make the smell as unpleasant as possible, he also revealed the reason for this.

“They’re constantly robbing me, people are stealing my stuff.” I try to be as dirty as possible so they don’t attack me. The dirtier and smoother I am, the better.


He found that the more unpleasant the smell and the dirtier his body and clothes, the less they dared to tease him. She also cut her hair for defenses and to change her appearance.

Kristin Rossetti, an old girlfriend, tried to help her, paid for a night at a hotel, and gave her clean clothes. He would have even paid the rehabilitation center bill, but Willison turned down the offer and then escaped it. They hadn’t heard from him for two years. He finally reappeared in October 2020 and dug into the trash near Venice Beach to find clothes and food for himself.

He doesn’t want anyone to help him, he hasn’t talked to anyone in years. He still lives as a homeless person today, sometimes captured by paparazzi in Los Angeles.

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