The parents are in an uproar, Marics Petit is being accused of something serious

The parents are in an uproar, Marics Petit is being accused of something serious
The parents are in an uproar, Marics Petit is being accused of something serious

Peti Marics can hold his head, because in recent days there have been rumors not only about his new girlfriend on the Internet… An XI. the singer of ValMar also became a topic in the district moms’ group, but in a completely different context. Outraged parents and siblings spoke out against Mariccs and accused him of making indecent offers to young girls. Many people were already surprised that their children were banned from ValMar concerts…

Marics Petit faces serious charges (Photo: Zoltán Nagy)

It seems that the problem is not unique, as there have been countless comments on the post. Surprisingly, all the stories are similar: the girls go to the concert, where, according to the parents, the ValMar singer makes a move on them and then offers to spend some time together. If the offer is rejected, the singer at least tries one more time and then turns into camphor. Someone also wrote that he hoped there would be retribution for the matter, considering that so many “victims” spoke out in the case.

Since several of you have written and spoken, I would like to tell you that a few weeks ago, my sister joked that this Marics kid from Maczjancs offered himself to her after a concert. Then, when he marked her in the photo together, Marics wrote to her that he still had an offer. I sincerely hope that this will become a case, because as I can see, a good number of parents are applying

– said Imre, after whom a mother also shared her experiences.

“Unfortunately, I can comment on the topic, since then I have not allowed my daughter to go to a concert either with or without supervision, because the young man in question naturally wanted to thank my daughter for the gift he had made from his savings. It wouldn’t have come to light if his girlfriend hadn’t spoken up.” – wrote an upset parent, while another commenter first thought that a fake profile was trying to trick his brother, however, after checking the message, he was surprised to learn that he was dealing with the “real” Peti Marics.

“I see that the problem is not unique. You would have thought that sooner or later the matter would come to light. I only noticed that my brother told me several times a day that he was talking to Peti. It started to become suspicious that it would be a profile claiming to be Peti’s, but it was not, because upon checking, the list of hundreds of thousands of followers really blossomed there. This was also the topic of the messages. Picture, meeting, you could show what you know. I taught my brother that because his current favorite idol is Irish, he should not send pictures or meet. Anyway, it ended up that Peti banned him because he didn’t comply with the requests. He’s been down on himself ever since.” – another stakeholder shared his story.

Of course, we contacted Marics Petit and his manager about what happened. The latter said they did not wish to comment on the matter.

Ripost reached one of Marics’s close acquaintances, who did not give his name, but said that he could not imagine that Peti would behave like this.

The article is in Hungarian

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