Bloody school murder: the star of Virtuosos died two days before his 14th birthday

Bloody school murder: the star of Virtuosos died two days before his 14th birthday
Bloody school murder: the star of Virtuosos died two days before his 14th birthday

“Andrija Čikić, rodjen je 05.03.2009. godine u Beogradu” – say Andrija Cikic He was born on May 5, 2009 in Belgrade. This is the biography of the little talent of the Serbian Virtuosos. Andrija was not able to live to see his 14th birthday, he lost his life on Wednesday when a fellow seventh grader started shooting at his school. The star of the Serbian Virtuosos died just two days before his birthday.

The Virtuosos star died two days before his 14th birthday

The 14-year-old is in a primary school in Belgrade on Wednesday Kosta Kecmanović opened fire on the school guard standing at the entrance of the school, then fatally wounded three little girls in the school hall. Finally, he went into one of the classrooms, shot the teacher, from whom he had previously received one, and then started shooting indiscriminately at the students. During the mindless shooting, he killed five more students and seriously wounded six others. A total of 9 people lost their lives in the carnage, and 7 people were seriously injured.

Among other things, a great talent passed away, Andrija Cikic also, whom Serbian TV viewers may have known from the classical music talent show Virtuozok. Placido Domingo, the best-known mentor of the Virtuosos, said goodbye to the little boy in an emotional post. “Andrija Čikić was not only a young, vibrant, talented pianist and brilliant musician with a promising future, but a person from our community” – wrote the Maestro.

At the end of March, Andrija Čikić started with his own composition, Érzelmek, at the Fedemus, Children’s Composers festival, where he won first place with the maximum possible score.

There was another mass murder on Thursday

The senseless carnage shook not only the Serbs, but the entire country. However, there was no time to get up, and on Thursday evening, near Belgrade, a 21-year-old man opened fire with an automatic weapon and shot indiscriminately at the gathered young people. The mindless shooting left 10 dead and at least 15 injured. The 21 year old Uros B.was caught by the police on Friday morning, after an all-night manhunt

After the 9-hour manhunt, Uris B. was arrested and handcuffed in the police car.
In his press conference on Friday, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that Thursday’s attacker attacked all of Serbia. The President announced: they tighten the law on the possession and carrying of weapons, the permits issued so far will be reviewed, a stricter psychological examination will be required for the issuance of permits, and a two-year moratorium on the issuance of permits will be introduced. In addition, 1,200 new police officers are being hired to provide ongoing policing in Serbian schools.

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