More than ten thousand semi-finished Ladas are in stock due to a lack of parts


Details have emerged about how many incompletely assembled cars from AvtoVaz’s flagship Vesta model family will not be able to leave the Togliatti car factory and reach dealers. Almost all semi-assembled Vesta examples are white-painted sedans.

Russia’s Avtograd news published the news citing information from inside sources, which was shocking even for the dealers.

Approximately 12,000 cars are stored in the car factory’s warehouses, many of which are missing parts. For this reason, they are not delivered to the dealer network.

According to inside information, if parts arrive at the factory, they work on the production lines on Saturdays and Sundays so that the stock in stock can finally be delivered to the dealers. According to the information from the dealerships, they have received many cars in recent days that have been waiting for their turn since spring.

A few days ago, the social media site Avtograd reported that the Volga automotive concern can no longer work at full capacity on the Vesta flagship production lines due to a severe shortage of spare parts.

Many parts are also missing for the production of Niva all-terrain vehicles.

The shortage of spare parts has reached the GRANTA assembly line. The models of the brand family also rolled off the factory’s conveyor belt unfinished for days because there were no airbags in stock. The situation became so dire that on October 21st, for the first time in months, they were forced to shut down production due to desperate parts supply problems. Previously, for many months, assembly was carried out seven days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Vesta is produced five days a week, in one-shift mode, without weekend work. However, on October 21, only the NIVA family car production line was operating.

According to Avtovaz’s promise, the “finalization” of Vesta vehicles, which were previously assembled without parts, will continue soon. At least if they know the reliable supply from sources in Russia. Incidentally, this also applies to the production of GRANTA and NIVA parts.

The seriousness of the situation is indicated by the fact that the 12,000 semi-finished Lada Vesta in stock is only the tip of the iceberg. In recent months, it has become a regular occurrence for new Ladas to arrive at car dealerships with incomplete or faulty equipment. Many parts are missing from the cars, and some parts have to be replaced in the first place before the new cars are delivered to the customers.

Aleksey Podshsekolgyin, the president of the Russian Association of Automobile Dealers (RoAD), said that only 22 percent of new Ladas arrive in car dealerships in a completely finished state, 78 percent of them are partially assembled. Two-thirds of the new 2023 Lada Vestas are missing parts.

AvtoVAZ explains the situation with an absurd argument. It is said that the company is forced to send semi-finished cars to dealerships because its own factory warehouses are already full of such incompletely assembled cars.

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