Neoplan’s popular model is 20 years old


In July 2003, the first Neoplan Tourliner was presented at the late Möhringen factory. However, it is also true that it was introduced to the general public as early as 2002 at the IAA in Hanover under the name X-liner. Its distribution started immediately with two versions, as Neoplan made a two-axle (Tourliner SHD) and a three-axle version (Tourliner SHD L) available. In the twenty years that have passed since then, several minor and major changes have been made to it.

The Tourliner was brought to life thanks to the success of the MAN Lion’s Coach, which can be attributed to the former technical manager, Ernő Bartha. The brand’s primary goal was to launch an affordable, but comfortable and convenient tourist bus that can meet many needs. At the same time, the novelty had to meet the technical standards of the Startliner, Cityliner, Skyliner and Euroliner.

The appearance of the first Tourliner was dreamed up by Michael Streicher, while the interior design was designed by Andrea Lipp. Streicher quickly gained a reputation for being able to come up with unique design identifiers for Neoplan buses, such as the Sharp Cut design that also appears on the Starliner or Cityliner. An important distinguishing feature of the Tourliner was the “optical” B-pillar stretched over the front wall of the bus. On the front wall, the already fashionable headlights appeared, while on the back wall, LED lights were used, which was considered a forward-looking solution at the time.

Almost 2,500 units of the first generation were produced, including right-hand drive versions manufactured for the roads of Great Britain. 70 percent of the quantity produced was a two-axle, 12-meter-long variant. It is interesting that this type of bus was also used at the 2010 South African Football World Cup, but most of the time you could meet it on the roads as a special bus or tourist bus. In fact, they haven’t really worn out the roads even now.

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Neoplan's popular model 4 is 20 years old

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Neoplan's popular model 5 is 20 years old

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Neoplan's popular model 6 is 20 years old

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Neoplan's popular model 7 is 20 years old

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The second generation of the Tourliner (opening image of the article) was published in 2016. The Sharp Cut design was also visible in action, but much sharper lines were used. In the new model, it was possible to reduce air resistance by 20 percent, which was primarily achieved through the aerodynamically optimized A-pillar, the more rounded windshield, and the more curved roof.

The second generation of the Tourliner is now available in four versions. The smallest is 12.1 meters long, has two axles and can carry a total of 53 passengers. The next in line is the 13.1-meter-long version, the Tourliner C, which is also produced with two axles, but the next 13.4-meter-long variant already has three axles. Their capacity is roughly the same (57-59), so the third axis may be more important because of the maneuverability. The largest Tourliner is 13.9 meters long and can carry at least 63 passengers.

Since its introduction in 2003, a total of 3,850 Tourliners have been produced. Both the first and second generation versions can be found in the Volánbusz fleet, but the latter is much more represented, as this type is practically the dominant one in the state bus company’s long-distance bus portfolio. As is fitting, Neoplan is providing Neoplan Tourliners with a 20-year celebration logo this year, and a special edition called the Diamond Edition is also expected to arrive.

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