Free Spotify for Viber users

Free Spotify for Viber users
Free Spotify for Viber users

THE Viber offers its hundreds of millions of users a three-month free trial a Spotify Premium for subscription.

Viber has a significant market share in Central and East Central Europe, as well as Asia and the Pacific, with penetration reaching 98 percent in some countries. Spotify is leveraging Viber’s key markets to drive growth in these untapped regions.

“We are thrilled that Spotify has chosen us to share this opportunity in Viber’s biggest markets”

– He told Ofir Eyalthe Rakuten Viber CEO, who added:

“At Viber, we always want to provide our users with fun features that are easy to use, and this offering does exactly that. Viber continues to strengthen its status as a super app by becoming a strong and preferred partner for global companies.”

Marc HazanSpotify’s VP of Business Development and Partnerships said:

“We are very excited about working with Viber. They have a passionate community of users in the markets where we plan to grow our platform. With this partnership, Viber provides additional value to its users. With access to more than 100 million Spotify tracks, Viber users can not only listen to the music they love, but also discover new artists.”

This offer will be available to Viber users in selected countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Eligible users in these countries can activate a free three-month premium subscription, reads the announcement sent to

Users will be able to activate the offer through several Viber in-app promotional solutions: native and rich media ads, banners on the “Discover” screen, in-app messages, posts on Viber’s official local channels.

Countries participating in the partnership: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, HungaryPoland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Iraq, Philippines and Vietnam.

To access the offer, it is necessary to check whether the latest version of the Viber application is installed.

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Cover image: Collaboration between Rakuten Viber and Spotify. Photo: Viber.

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